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Using JABRA Hearing Disabled Package with Avaya IP agent

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How do I get the Jabra package to work with my Avaya IP agent software?


The Jabra Hearing Disabled Package consists of the following pieces:

  • Jabra Headset
  • Jabra USB Adapter
  • GN1200 Smart Cords (2)
  • Custom Boost Amp
  • Power Supply Adapter

Once you connected all the pieces you will need to adjust the audio settings on the smart cord connected to the Headset to setting "4".  Leave the Smart Cord connected to the USB adapter on setting "1".


Note:  If your Avaya IP agent gives you an "error" regarding the headset you may need to perform some adjustments to the PC and Avaya IP agent software.

You can also verify setup using the Jabra PC Suite software.  This software is on the CD that came with the Jabra USB Adapter.  

A copy of the Avaya Instructions for Softphone setup is also attached to this article which provides screen shots and additional details.

Use this link to download a PDF user guide if using Avaya 2.5 - One-X notes

Note: If running Windows 7 additional configurations maybe required.  Contact us if additional support.

Shortcuts to configurations:


  1. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and open the Sound and AudioDevices application.

 2. Select the Audio tab.

 3. Select the appropriate Jabra USB device for Sound playback and Sound recording options.


1.  Run the audio tuning wizard by Select Audio > Tuning Wizard

2.  Select the appropriate Jabra USB adapter for the primary playback AND record device


  1. Insert the Jabra CD.  (if you don't have the CD you can download the software from here)
  2. Once you have successfully downloaded the software to or opened it from the CD go to next step
  3. Check both Start-up options > Next
  4. If using Link 280 select desired soft button.  If using other Jabra USB select "settings".
  5. Select "Softphones supported by Jabra PC Suite"
  6. For Audio Protection select "Basic"
  7. Click "ok"

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