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Orange arrow I want to purchase a headset for my lucent 8410D telepohone, since i am on the phone all the time. Can I use a wireless with this phone?

  Believe it or not you can use a wireless headset with the 8410D phone. If you want to be able to pickup/hangup from calls directly from the headset you'll need to add the Remote Answering device to your order. There are various wireless headsets that can be used with your 8410D. We have several t...
Orange arrow How do I get the Jabra package to work with my Avaya IP agent software?

  The Jabra Hearing Disabled Package consists of the following pieces: Jabra Headset Jabra USB Adapter GN1200 Smart Cords (2) Custom Boost Amp Power Supply Adapter Once you connected all the pieces you will need to adjust the audio settings on the smart cord connected to the Headset to sett...
Orange arrow Which Plantronics Wireless headsets are compatible with my Avaya 9620, 9630, 9630G, 9640, 1608 and 1616 phones?

  Wireless headsets from Plantronics are designed to be compatible with virtually any Avaya IP phones including 9620, 9630, 9630, 9640, 1608, and 1616 phones. The trick is to know which accessories and cables are required for the wireless headset to work properly on your phone. Below we outline the...
Orange arrow What cable do I need buy to connect a Jabra headset to a Avaya phone 6408D+?

  You need to purchase a headset and headset adapter (GN8210 for Jabra headsets and M22 for Plantronics headsets) since the Avaya 6408D+ does not natively support a headset nor have a headset jack. Below you will find the most popular headsets that are compatible with the Avaya 6408D+ phone. The re...
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