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Orange arrow How do I fix the GN1000 lifter which won't go down?

  This article is for customers whose lifter is not lowering. In many cases the problem happens shortly after purchasing the product. The video demonstration below will help you restore normal functionality to your GN1000 lifter. Popular Remote Answering Lifters: Jabra GN1000 ...
Orange arrow Is it possible to measure efficiency and quantified savings from using headsets?

  Yes. It is possible to measure your savings and improved efficiency. This effeciency translates into tangible savings. To calculate your savings and effeciency gains click on the link below: Headset Calculator ...
Orange arrow Who is GN Netcom or Jabra and what type of headsets do they make?

  GN Netcom is the parent company for Jabra and GN branded headsets. GN Netcom also produced the UNEX and ACS brands which are now discontinued. See video demonstration below to learn more how these headsets are made to last....

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