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Wireless headset that is compatible with the Cisco 7931 telephone?

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What wireless headsets are compatible with the Cisco 7931?


Wireless headsets are designed to be compatible with all Cisco telephones.  The wireless headsetcomes with a base station that interfaces with the Cisco 7931 telephone and your handset.  You will continue to use the handset whenever you need to use it.


1) If you want to roam around the office with your headset you will need the "remote lifter" accessory.  This accessories allows you to pickup/hangup directly from the headset. If you do not purchase the "remote lifter" the headset will still work but you will need to manually pickup calls at the telephone prior to using the headset.  The Jabra remote lifter is the GN1000 and the Plantronics remote lifter is the HL-10.

2) Several manufacturers have added an Electronic Hook switch (EHS) feature to allow for smoother connectivity to wireless headsets.  If your phone has EHS see our EHS guide to find the compatible EHS adapter.  If your phone has the EHS feature you do NOT need to get the "remote lifter".

See video demonstration below of the Jabra wireless headset.


See video demonstration below of how to use the remote answering device:

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