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Blackberry Security Software for deployment on BES

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What is required to deploy your security software within my enterprise that has a BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server)?


In order to properly deploy the security software within your enterprise you will need to have the administrator for your BES to enable a few items.  Additionally you will need to make sure that you use compatible Blackberry phones. Below is a typical checklist prior to usage within your enterprise.

For BES Administrators:

1. You will need to allow blackberry devices reach the following domains:

The server domain names involved in the installation process are both:

Access to both these domains is needed.

2. Allow TCP and UDP, SIP and RTP, and have port 5060 open.


If you experience connectivity problems, you may need to check with your BIS or BES server administrator.  The Blackberry security software requires a UDP connection on several ports in the 4000 to 6000 range, as well as a TCP connection on ports 80 and 443.

For Blackberry Mobile Devices:

  • BlackBerry 9650 - OS,
  • BlackBerry 9700 - OS, or newer
  • BlackBerry 9780 - OS, or newer
  • Blackberry 9800 - OS or newer
  • Blackberry 9900 - OS
  • Blackberry 9930 - OS

Note: Due to the lack of resources within several Blackberry models as well as bugs with various firmware versions we are only able to support a select number of blackberry phones that meet our rigorous standards for call quality. We are continually evaluating different models for performance and stability.  If you enterprise has a specific model that is not supported contact our customer support for updates regarding newer models.

For your Mobile service Provider:
1. Usage of GSM 3G/4G Data preferable
2. Use Blackberry Corporate Data Plan
3. Use unlimited data plan preferable

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