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Orange arrow How do I use the ParleySec software?

  Below is a video demonstration of the features, menus and how to use the security software. ...
Orange arrow How do I make a secure call using the smartphone security software?

  See video below:...
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Orange arrow How can I chat securely with other users with the secure smartphone software?

  See video demonstration below:...
Orange arrow How clear is the audio with a Jabra Wave Bluetooth?

  Click below to see video demonstration:...
Orange arrow What do the buttons/icons of the kryptofon software do?

  See video demonstration below: ...
Orange arrow How do I download the Kryptofon Secure Mobile app to my Blackberry?

  See the video demonstration below: ...
Orange arrow Which Jabra headsets delivers the best audio and built to last?

  The new line of Jabra BIZ series are unsurpassed in many ways. You can purchase the Jabra 2400 series here....
Orange arrow How do I setup the Jabra GN9125 Wireless headset with my telephone?

  View a video demonstration of how to setup the Jabra GN9125 on a telephone. This video demo will also provide answers on common troubleshooting steps if your wireless headset is not working properly with your phone....
Orange arrow Do I leave the handset off the hook to answer calls?

  This will depend on your phone and NOT the headset. To answer without the need to put the handset off-hook, your phone typically needs to have the following: 1. Headset jack 2. Handsfree or Headset button 3. Off-Hook Dialing feature If your phone does not have any of the above you will need...
Orange arrow How do I connect the GN1000 or HL10 to my telephone?

  Both Jabra and Plantronics have wireless headsets that will work with your phone. If you wish to roam around the office while using the wireless headset you'll need to get the remote lifter accessory. For Jabra wireless it is the GN-1000 and for Plantronics it is the HL-10 . See video demonstrat...
Orange arrow How do I fix the GN1000 lifter which won't go down?

  This article is for customers whose lifter is not lowering. In many cases the problem happens shortly after purchasing the product. The video demonstration below will help you restore normal functionality to your GN1000 lifter. Popular Remote Answering Lifters: Jabra GN1000 ...
Orange arrow How do I hookup a Corded headset to my phone?

  See video demonstration below for additional details on how to connect a Direct Connect headset to your phone. Popular Direct Connect headsets: Plantronics HW710 Direct Connect Jabra 2320 Direct Connect Jabra 1520 Direct Connect Jabra 2420 Direct Connect ...
Orange arrow How to optimize the Poly Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC with the Plantronics Hub Mobile App?

  How to optimize the Poly Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC with the Plantronics Hub Mobile App Now that you’ve got your hands on the incredible Poly Voyager 5200 bluetooth headset, it’s time to improve the quality of your life. 🎧 Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC bluetooth headsets are availa...
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Orange arrow What do the buttons do on the BlueParrott M300-XT headset?

  How To Use the BlueParrott M300-XT Headset Video Transcript 0:00:04.800,0:00:06.560Have you purchased the Blueparrott M300-XT?0:00:06.560,0:00:10.400And you have questions on exactly how to get the best usage of this device?0:00:10.400,0:00:13.040Well, I'm here to help! As I disse...
Orange arrow Does the "one touch" work with the "lifter" or do I need to lift the handset before the one-touch works?

  When you are using a wireless headset you can answer or disconnect by pressing the headset's answer/disconnect button as long as you use a Remote Lifter with your wireless headset. Below is a demonstration of using the GN1000 with Jabra wireless headsets. If you are looking to roam around the offi...
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