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Orange arrow How do I hookup a Corded headset to my phone?

  See video demonstration below for additional details on how to connect a Direct Connect headset to your phone. Popular Direct Connect headsets: Plantronics HW710 Direct Connect Jabra 2320 Direct Connect Jabra 1520 Direct Connect Jabra 2420 Direct Connect ...
Orange arrow How do I setup the Jabra GN9125 Wireless headset with my telephone?

  View a video demonstration of how to setup the Jabra GN9125 on a telephone. This video demo will also provide answers on common troubleshooting steps if your wireless headset is not working properly with your phone....
Orange arrow How to optimize the Poly Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC with the Plantronics Hub Mobile App?

  How to optimize the Poly Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC with the Plantronics Hub Mobile App Now that you’ve got your hands on the incredible Poly Voyager 5200 bluetooth headset, it’s time to improve the quality of your life. 🎧 Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC bluetooth headsets are availa...
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Orange arrow How do I setup the wireless headset with my telephone?

  See Part 1 and Part 2 of the video demonstration below for step-by-step instructions that will get your wireless headset up and running. This video can be used for learning how to setup the GN9330e, GN9120, GN9125, GN920, GN9350 as well as other headsets to your telephone....
Orange arrow Why is my Blue Parrott Headset not working with my Android phone?

  Here is instructions to clearing the bluetooth cache on your Android device. NOTE : The link below is one that we can send to customers that have Android phones. You can use this info for your customer support effortIt...
Orange arrow How do I setup my wireless headset - (Jabra GO 6430) with my PC and mobile phone?

  Click here to learn how to setup up your Jabra GO 6430 Wireless headset with your PC and mobile phone.To purchase the Jabra GO 6430 click here....

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