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Orange arrow How do I hookup a Corded headset to my phone?

  See video demonstration below for additional details on how to connect a Direct Connect headset to your phone. Popular Direct Connect headsets: Plantronics HW710 Direct Connect Jabra 2320 Direct Connect Jabra 1520 Direct Connect Jabra 2420 Direct Connect ...
Orange arrow Which wired headset is compatible with my phone?

  If your telephone has a headset jack you can use a Direct Connect headsets. Direct Connect headsets come with a Smart Cord that allow it to function many telephones. If your telephone does NOT have a headset jack you will need to purchase a regular wired headset AND a telephone adapter. NOTE: Th...
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Orange arrow Which corded USB headset is compatible with my PC or MAC?

  For PC users there are many corded headsets options. The type of headset you select will greatly depend on your intended usage. The difference among the various options come down to; A) How often you plan to use the headset and B) Desired sound quality. These USB headsets can be used for office or...
Orange arrow What cable do I need buy to connect a Jabra headset to a Avaya phone 6408D+?

  You need to purchase a headset and headset adapter (GN8210 for Jabra headsets and M22 for Plantronics headsets) since the Avaya 6408D+ does not natively support a headset nor have a headset jack. Below you will find the most popular headsets that are compatible with the Avaya 6408D+ phone. The re...
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Orange arrow How do I fix the Jabra Lifter? It goes up and down randomly.

  The Jabra wireless headsets are designed to work with various telephones. Most phones will work fine with the default setting on the wireless headset. If your lifter is acting erratic you will need to change the "default mode" for the Remote Call control within the settings of the wireless headset...
Orange arrow Which headset should I use for a noisy environment?

  If you are going to use a headset in an environment that is noisy you'll want to get one with "noise canceling". This feature filters out common background noises such as co-workers talking in the office next to you or common offices noises that can be bothersome during conversations. Noise cance...
Orange arrow Which headsets are compatible with my Comdial Edge 120 phone?

  Lets tackle the compatibility for Comdial® - Vertical™ EDGE 120 phones into two segments: Wireless and Corded headsets. You must first determine which of these two types of headsets you wish to use. Then you can get the required accessories depending if using Wireless or Corded headsets...
Orange arrow How do I replace the earcushion on the Jabra 2420, 2470 headsets?

  Changing or replacing the leatherette earcushions is a SNAP! Check out the video below for step by step instructions on how to get it done. This video applies to the following Jabra wired headsets: Jabra BIZ 2410 Jabra BIZ 2415 Jabra BIZ 2420 Jabra BIZ 2425 Jabra BIZ 2470 Jabra BI...
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