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Orange arrow How do I setup the Jabra GN9125 Wireless headset with my telephone?

  View a video demonstration of how to setup the Jabra GN9125 on a telephone. This video demo will also provide answers on common troubleshooting steps if your wireless headset is not working properly with your phone....
Orange arrow How can I get my wireless headset to work with my 5330, 5340 IP phone?

  Wireless Headsets do work with Mitel 5330 and Mitel 5340 IP Phones. As long as you are using one of the major headset manufacturers (Plantronics, Jabra, VXi or Sennehieser). The tricky part when using Mitel telephones is the programming and set up of the IP phone itself. Mitel IP telephones come...
Orange arrow How to optimize video image of Poly Studio P5 and Studio P15 Webcam?

  How to optimize video quality with Poly Studio P5 and Studio P15 Webcams The tutorial will show you how to use the Poly Lens App to get the best picture when using enhanced lighting such as a ring light or key lights with Studio P5 and P15. In this video, we’ll teach you how to get the...
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Orange arrow How do I reset my Jabra PRO headset - 920, 925, 930, 935. I just keeps beeping all the time.

  Sometimes after a power outage the headset will lose sync with the headset's base unit. If you hear a constant ringtone or beeping in the headset you will need to perform a full reset. This reset is only for the Jabra PRO series (920, 925, 930, 935). It will allow the headset to "sync" again wit...
Orange arrow How do I fix the Jabra Lifter? It goes up and down randomly.

  The Jabra wireless headsets are designed to work with various telephones. Most phones will work fine with the default setting on the wireless headset. If your lifter is acting erratic you will need to change the "default mode" for the Remote Call control within the settings of the wireless headset...
Orange arrow How do I elminate or troubleshoot echo problems with my Plantronics wireless headset on a Toshiba IP Phone - 5000 series?

  How to Fix Echo Problems with Plantronics Wireless Headset Echo is typically a result of audio levels that are too high in both the Toshiba telephone and Plantronics headset. When both audio levels are set to “max” (on the phone and headset) a feedback or “echo” of your ...
Orange arrow How can I pair my bluetooth headset with a Mitel phone?

  In this example we provide instructions how to pair a Jabra GO 6470 with the Mitel IP phone. Although these headset instructions below have the Jabra 6470 Bluetooth Headset you can use the steps to pair with the Mitel Bluetooth Module with other Bluetooth Headsets that support A2DP List of other ...
Orange arrow How do replace the earcushion on my Jabra 9400 series wireless headset?

  Replacing the earcushion on the Jabra 920, 9450, 9460 and 9470 is a snap! Do worry about breaking anything. The parts are very sturdy. Watch the video below on how to get it done in a SNAP!...
Orange arrow How do I connect the GN1000 to my telephone?

  Both Jabra and Plantronics have wireless headsets that will work with your phone. If you wish to roam around the office while using the wireless headset you'll need to get the remote lifter accessory. For Jabra wireless it is the RHL-1000 and for Plantronics it is the HL-10. If you have a newer ...
Orange arrow Customer is not able to connect to server. Getting a error of "service unavailable"

  Customer had issues with connectivity and "service unavailable" error. Problem was corrected and customer can now communicate on device with no issues. To fix this problem on other devices please follow the instructions below. --> --> -->1. Go to "file explorer" on PDA and locate the file "cafil...
Orange arrow How do I replace the earcushion on the Jabra 2420, 2470 headsets?

  Changing or replacing the leatherette earcushions is a SNAP! Check out the video below for step by step instructions on how to get it done. This video applies to the following Jabra wired headsets: Jabra BIZ 2410 Jabra BIZ 2415 Jabra BIZ 2420 Jabra BIZ 2425 Jabra BIZ 2470 Jabra BI...
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Orange arrow How do I fix the GN1000 lifter which won't go down?

  This article is for customers whose lifter is not lowering. In many cases the problem happens shortly after purchasing the product. The video demonstration below will help you restore normal functionality to your GN1000 lifter. Popular Remote Answering Lifters: Jabra GN1000 ...
Orange arrow What do I do if my CS55 is malfunctioning? How can I get a replacement headset because the one I have is still under warranty?

  Plantronics has a very simple and easy process for getting a replacement headset.-->-->1. Go to the website link below and fill out the Quick Service Form. You may be required to create an acccount (free of charge).-->>-->2. If proof of purchase is r...
Orange arrow What does your ParleySec Security software for Blackberry do?

  A brief introduction to recent news articles about hacking followed by the features of the software and making a secure calls. ...
Orange arrow How do I use the ParleySec software?

  Below is a video demonstration of the features, menus and how to use the security software. ...

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