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Orange arrow How can I get my wireless headset to work with my 5330, 5340 IP phone?

  Wireless Headsets do work with Mitel 5330 and Mitel 5340 IP Phones. As long as you are using one of the major headset manufacturers (Plantronics, Jabra, VXi or Sennehieser). The tricky part when using Mitel telephones is the programming and set up of the IP phone itself. Mitel IP telephones come...
Orange arrow Which NEC phones are compatible with the newer Plantronics EHS for remote answering when using a cordless headset?

  In order to use a cordless headset that does NOT require the mechanical lifter your NEC phone and NEC switch must also have this feature enabled. Below is list of NEC phones that are compatible. You may also need to activate this feature on your phone if it is not currently activated. If your NE...
Orange arrow How do I fix the Jabra Lifter? It goes up and down randomly.

  The Jabra wireless headsets are designed to work with various telephones. Most phones will work fine with the default setting on the wireless headset. If your lifter is acting erratic you will need to change the "default mode" for the Remote Call control within the settings of the wireless headset...
Orange arrow Which cables do I need to use with a Jabra Wireless headset when using an Aastra Phone (6753i, 6755i, 6757i, 6757i CT)?

  In order to properly use a Jabra wireless headset with the following Aastra phones (6753i, 6755i, 6757i, 6757i CT). You will need two cables: the link below will take you to the kit that provides both the Jabra and Aatra cables required for remote answering and pick up of calls with the Jabra heads...
Orange arrow Which headsets are compatible with my Comdial Edge 120 phone?

  Lets tackle the compatibility for Comdial® - Vertical™ EDGE 120 phones into two segments: Wireless and Corded headsets. You must first determine which of these two types of headsets you wish to use. Then you can get the required accessories depending if using Wireless or Corded headsets...
Orange arrow Can I use the electronic EHS cable instead of the mechanical remote lifter for my wireless headset (plantronics or jabra)?

  This is one of our most frequently asked question by users that want to avoid using the mechanical lifter for either Jabra or Plantronics wireless headsets. There are a number of factors that you should consider before using the Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cable. Here are some pros and cons t...
Orange arrow What wireless headsets can I use with my Mitel phone and pickup calls while roaming the office?

  If you are looking for a wireless headset that is both compatible with Mitel phones and want to roam the office with your wireless headset see the list below of Jabra models that will allow connectivity via the Mitel Bluetooth Module. The Mitel Bluetooth Module allows for seamless remote answering...

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