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How to use and configure Direct Connect Headset on your phone

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How do I hookup a Corded headset to my phone?


See video demonstration below for additional details on how to connect a Direct Connect headset to your phone.

Popular Direct Connect headsets:

plantronics encore direct connect headset jabra headset direct connect 2300 mono jabra direct connet headset 1920 biz jabra 2100 series direct connect headset
Plantronics Direct Connect Jabra 2320 Direct Connect Jabra BIZ 1920 Direct Connect Jabra 2110-ST Direct Connect
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If you have questions about your phone's compatibility and which accessory is required for your phone feel free to start a chat session or call us 703-766-6363. Global Teck Worldwide provides a ProSetup Service that walks you through the complete installation of any headset on our website. All items mentioned in this article are available online for purchasing.

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