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Orange arrow Which amplifier (telephone adapter) have mute functions?

  For Jabra headsets the GN850 (newer) and GN8210 have mute controls.For Plantronics headset the M22 has mute controls.Below is a video demonstration of the new Jabra 850 Adapter:...
Orange arrow Do I need to buy an amplifier (GN 8210) in order to connect a headset to the Cortelco telephone?

  Yes. If wish to have the ability to mute the headset, volume controls, sound improvement and hearing protection then the GN8210 should be purchase along with your headset. If your phone does NOT have a headset you will need to buy this device....
Orange arrow Do I leave the handset off the hook to answer calls?

  This will depend on your phone and NOT the headset. To answer without the need to put the handset off-hook, your phone typically needs to have the following: 1. Headset jack 2. Handsfree or Headset button 3. Off-Hook Dialing feature If your phone does not have any of the above you will need...

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