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My Secure Phone app does not connect.

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I get an error that says "E172 tunnel failed or DNS error". What does that mean?


An error in which "tunnel" or "DNS" failed is generally an indication that you can not estabilish a connection to the internet.

This can be due to APN settings not properly setup on the device.

If you have a Blackberry device go to the following settings and make sure that you have the correct APN settings for your service provider.

In Blackberry Device go to:

Options > Device > Advanced Settings > TCP/IP 

If there are no settings configured once you get to the TCP/IP settings you will need to input the APN settings according to your service provider's settings.

Para usuarios en espanol usando Blackberry favor de verificar las configuraciones del APN en su Blackberry.  Si no aparece la informacion del APN favor

de incluirlo.

Opciones > Despositivo > Configuracion de sistemas advanzada > TCP/IP

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